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End to end design and development

Just tell us your learning problem. We will design, develop implement the content handling end to end process.

Codevelop with us

Your team to work with our IDs and developers to jointly develop content.

Pick from our content pool

We have a growing library of high quality content for you to select from.

Keep them engaged

Traditional eLearning courses were found to be less effective compared to classroom training due to less user engagement.

Our LXDs design courses with interactive activities and gamified challenges built into the learning journey to keep the user engaged and assessments to get feedback on their learning process.

Courses will be seamlessly integrated into the LMS to provide better insights to the trainers and managers with advanced user analytics.

For more than a decade, we have developed award winning content

our content solutions have reached users from different backgrounds, age groups,
and geographical locations covering domain areas in multiple languages.

Here are some possibilities for your content projects,

Company induction
made digital

Corporate induction makes your team members ready to take up their new challenges. Traditional Induction trainings dragging for days are not only takes too many resources but they tend to be boring and less effective.

Our team can design and develop innovative solutions to make game based inductions which are much more fun for learners and provides valuable information for long after the induction period.

Boom your sales
with effective
Product trainings

When salespeople know in and out of a product it increases the chance of convincing a client to close a sale significantly.

We can design and develop highly interactive eLearning courses to make your staff experts across your entire product line.

Getting the best out of your team with soft skills

Soft skills help us to be the best version of ourselves. Convincing a client with a great presentation, negotiating the best deal with a partner, or working with a difficult team member we all need to brush up our soft skills.

Effective soft skills training should go beyond teaching just theory and concepts. We design unique online training with stories and scenarios to help internalize these skills for our users.

Getting the best out of your team with soft skills

Well crafted digital content can serve hundreds of learning needs with a fraction of
the efforts of traditional trainings.

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